What are the best self help podcasts? Don’t worry we got you covered in this post.

Why would you listen to a self help podcast. Can a self help podcast help you with personal growth?

Of course a self-help podcast can help you with growth because there are plenty of great people out there providing free content that would normally cost thousands of dollars. Why are they doing this? They are doing this for marketing for their own products or by helping others market their products. The products they are usually marketing are their self-help books or their seminars. Additionally, if you listen to all these podcasts, you will notice that these hosts frequently are guests on each others podcasts.

Don’t get jaded that you are being marketed to though, just be grateful that you are able to get such great content for free.

Joe Rogan Podcast

The Joe Rogan podcast is one of the best self help podcasts. He talks about topics like nutrition, mental health, life fulfillment. I consider it one of the best self help podcasts because he doesn’t just talk about optimization. He talks about all areas of life that might be interesting to a person. He also isn’t afraid to confront people that don’t make sense.

Joe Rogan is also an avid believer in nutrition and fitness. He often speaks about the ketogenic diet and the carnivore diet. He’s an avid fan of the UFC. Joe Rogan also speaks about hunting and the value that it provides to society and to your diet.

More about the host: Joe Rogan is a well known comedian and actor. He also hosted fear factor, acted on News Radio, and hosted the man show.

He also has numerous comedy specials and is a commentator for the UFC. He’s a part-owner in Onnit which is a sports nutrition company. Being that Joe owns a nutrition company, is a successful podcast host and successful comedian, there is no doubt that he is a multimillionaire.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Since we spoke about Joe Rogan as a podcast host we might as well speak about Aubrey Marcus. Aubrey Marcus is a co-owner in Onnit alongside Joe. Aubrey Marcus’ podcast is all about optimization of the human life. That is what his company Onnit is all about — Human Optimization. He speaks about everything from physical fitness, mindfulness to using psychedelics to open up your mind. He’s an avid believer in using mushrooms, ayahuasca along with other similar drugs to obtain a new perspective on life.

About the host:

Aubrey Marcus is the founder and CEO of Onnit. He is 37 years old. His company, Onnit, is a lifestyle brand based on the holistic health philosophy.

The latest valuation available for Onnit is $28 million, so Aubrey is likely a multi-millionaire.

He was also recently in a bad car crash that gave him a facial scar, so it will be interesting to see how that impacts his perspective. This might also be a way for him to relate to podcast listeners that have been through similar experiences.

Books written by the host: Own the Day

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is another great self help podcast creator. James Altcuher is a very thorough podcast host. He really pushes his guests to provide the most details to his guest as possible. He wants his listeners to have the most information possible in order for them to be successful.

More about the host: James Altucher has run many businesses some of them have failed, but he has also been successful many times over. He currently runs his self help website and podcast. He also is a standup comedian. James Altucher is 50 years old. He graduated with a degree in computer science from Cornell University. He also used to write for Thestreet.com and was a good friend of Jim Cramer. He also ran a fund of funds which a collection of hedge funds.

Books written by the host:

  • Choose Yourself
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth
  • Become An Idea Machine

Impact Theory Podcast

Impact theory is a weekly podcast hosted by Tom Bilyeu. He is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. This podcast seeks to give people the tools and knowledge to unlock their potential to impact the world. He talks a lot about health since he is well-versed in the health industry. He also does a lot of ask me anything format podcasts where he allows listeners to ask him questions. When he’s not doing AMA’s he’s grouping his podcasts into the health theory and relationship theory categories.

More about the host: He is the cofounder of Quest Nutrition. At one point Quest Nutrition was the second fastest growing private company in North America. He is 42 years old. His net worth is $400 million.

The Art of Charm Podcast

The art of charm is another really good self help podcast. I believe this podcast initially started to help people with dating, but it later developed into self development.

They label themselves as a social skills and relationship building podcast. Another benefit to the art of charm is that they have a “best of” section on their website, so you can easily go to their best episodes.

They teach people how to be the best versions of themselves through teaching confidence and other key skills. They talk about topics like

  • Mastering your mindset
  • Learning about self esteem
  • How to connect with others
  • Among many other topics

More about the hosts: The art of charm has two podcast hosts AJ harbinger and Johnny Dzubak.

Aj Harbinger is the CEO and co-founder of the art of charm. He is also a PHD in cancer biology. He currently lives in Hollywood California. Unlike many of the other podcast hosts the primary jobs of these hosts is related to the Art of Charm.

Johnny Dzubak is well-versed in social dynamics. He wanted to get into “the game” without using the game so that’s why he decided to learn social dynamics and contribute to the art of charm.

Tony Robbins Podcast

You can’t talk about self help without talking about Tony Robbins.

This is an obvious self help podcast as Tony Robbins is the most notable self-help professional in the world. Tony Robbins isn’t always on the show so just make sure you are prepared to deal with that.

The main thing about Tony Robbins is that he believes you can control your thoughts to put yourself in a more positive place in life. Most self help professionals try to treat the symptoms of your dissatisfaction where Tony Robbins takes a different approach.

About the host: Tony Robbins is the most notable self help professional in the world. He uses neuro linguistic programming and other self-branded techniques to help people change their lives. His net worth is estimated in the hundreds of millions and his companies are estimated to be worth billions.

He is He hosts various self help seminars, has published many books and even has a movie called “I am not your guru”.

Books published by Tony:
Money Master the Game
Awaken the Giant within
Unlimited Power

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss podcast is the first self-help podcast that I ever ran into. I think I ran into it shortly after I read his book the 4 hour work week. If you are looking into self help and haven’t heard about the 4 hour work week, then where have you been.

If you are familiar with the four hour work week, then you will be prepared for this podcast. It takes a similar form to the four hour work week in that Tim tries to boil down what makes the worlds top performers the best in the world. He uses certain canned phrases and canned questions in each episode, so you’ll get familiar with the style. It might be a little monotonous at times, but the guests that he is able to get on his podcast are typically top notch.

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Wilink is a former navy seal and a current motivational speaker or at least I consider him motivational. He doesn’t allow for room for excuses, and he also grinds harder than most people. If you want to learn how to get past all of your “BS,” then listen to this podcast. He doesn’t talk only about military stuff. He is also a business consultant, so he provides guidance on how to have a successful mindset in business and in life.

About the host: Jocko Wilink is a former Navy Seal and a business consultant. He received a Bronze Star and Silver Star for his military service.

Books published by Jocko:

  • Exterme Ownership
  • The Dichotomy Of Leadership
  • Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

Masters Of Scale

This podcast is about start ups, but I consider this a self-help podcast. This podcast is hosted by Reid Hoffman who was a founder of Paypal and Linkedin. He discusses some common failures that startup entrepreneurs will face when starting a business. He teaches you that startup culture isn’t always about accomplishing great things. There are lots of trials and tribulations that you will face. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but he doesn’t take a pessimistic view on it. He tries to prepare people for the tough road so that they can make it through it. He speaks about truly amazing entrepreneurs that are changing the way business is done around the world. This podcast shows how great businesses can be built. Crappy corporate culture doesn’t have to permeate throughout every business.