Another one of my key beliefs is that fitness and working out is essential for a successful life.

If you don’t like running on a treadmill or lifting weights, then that’s ok. You shouldn’t let that discourage you from being active.

There are so many things out there that you can do instead. Just getting up and active is enough. If you walk a lot on a daily basis, that’s enough.

If you want to be really fit, you have to make it a passion. Whenever you have extra time in your day, you should be getting up and moving. Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, skip rope, etc. If you wonder how you can “hack” your way to being fit, you will see too many ups and downs. If you must consume media like Netflix and Disney plus, then take those things on the treadmill while you walk. Make fitness a central part of your routine.

If you want to do additional exercises that aren’t too complex, then I think you can do bodyweight exercises, yoga and simple cardio exercises. For bodyweight exercises, I recommend the prison workout series on amazon prime. I can’t recommend these videos enough because they take you from the basics all the way up to complex exercises.

Another cool thing that you can do is go to pinterest to get exercise ideas. Lookup stretching routines or bodyweight routines. There is a lot of good stuff on there. Be careful with the links though because a lot of them are spam.

Changes since the coronavirus

I’ve changed my fitness routine since the coronavirus. I’ve cancelled all my gym memberships.

I now focus on doing workouts with a steel mace, kettlebells, running, jump rope, medball, bosu balance trainer and resistance bands.