For my current nutrition, I follow a keto diet and try to intermittent fast as well. Since I try to intermittent fast, I only eat two meals a day.

Eating similar meals

I also believe that eating the same thing for a long period of time will allow you to lose weight and stay fit. This is something that has been brought up with people that are on the carnivore diet. Doctors aren’t sure whether it’s the carnivore diet is good or is it because the people on the diet eat the same food everyday. Eating the same thing everyday will also allow you to figure out what is working in your diet and what isn’t. If you eat the same thing everyday, you can eliminate or add ingredients to your diet and see whether your weight and nutrition improves.

Gut Health

I also believe that gut health is important as many studies have linked gut health with brain health. I maintain my gut health by drinking bone broth and also eating fermented vegetables like pickles and kimchi.


I also try to fast to give my body time to reset. I typically only do one day of fasting if I am going to fast.

Peter Atia on multiple podcasts has spoken about the benefits of fasting. Many people think that fasting is a good way to extend your life because your body cleanses itself. You have to think if you eat the modern American diet, there are going to be things that build up in your body that might be carcinogens. Fasting helps get rid of this.

Intermittent Fasting

As I said before, I also intermittent fast to the extent that I can. What this means is that I eat during a small window of the day. This helps keep my hunger down. It also reduces inflammation in the body since your body doesn’t have to process food all day. Just try to think of how much time you spend everyday eating and thinking about your next meal. If you intermittent fast, then you can cut down on this time. You can also cut down on the amount of money that you spend on food.

This combination of nutritional approaches has allowed me to be in the best shape of my life.

7 Foods That You Should Not Eat

If you are having a lot of trouble with your nutrition and health, I would suggest watching JJ Virgin’s YouTube video about the 7 foods that you should not eat. This is an elimination diet. You eliminate 7 foods that are known to cause a lot of health issues and then reintroduce them one at a time. You do this to figure out what foods cause you the most issues.

The 7 foods that she recommends avoiding are:

  1. Gluten
  2. Soy
  3. Dairy
  4. Eggs
  5. Corn
  6. Peanuts
  7. Sugar and artificial sweeteners

This might not match up with the keto diet or other diets, but it’s worth a try if things have not been working for you. The most shocking things about this diet to me are eggs and peanuts. I’ve always considered those health foods if you eat them in moderation. Another important thing that she says is that you are what you eat and what they ate. For example if you eat chicken that ate corn or soy, then you will likely be irritated by the corn or soy that they ate if it was modified. I think that’s very important. It’s important to not cut corners on your nutrition if you are experiencing a lot of trouble with weight or health.

Supplements That I’ve Tried Recently

I’ve tried Keto Feast by Ancient Nutrition. I tried this because I wanted to stop eating eggs for breakfast. I tried the chocolate flavor. The flavor wasn’t the best, but I view this as a good keto meal replacement because it doesn’t contain gluten, dairy or soy. I tried this as part of the JJ virgin diet. JJ virgin has her own replacement shake, but it doesn’t have good reviews for taste. This doesn’t taste the best either but I liked the idea of bone broth based protein instead of plant protein.

I’ve also tried bone broth protein by Ancient Nutrition.  I tried the pumpkin spice flavor and it was great. I like all the ancient nutrition stuff since it’s based on bone broth and doesn’t have a lot of the foods that are inflammatory.

Pea Protein – Since whey can be inflammatory, I’ve been using pea protein powders more frequently. You have to be careful with pea protein though because it could be contaminated with bad chemicals like roundup. In order to prevent this, you need to make sure that it is certified organic.

I go to Onnit gym in Austin, Tx, so I try a lot of their supplements.

I’ve tried the following supplements from onnit:

Alpha Brain – I don’t like this supplement. It always gave me headaches.

New Mood – this is supposed to help with mood regulation. I didn’t notice any drastic difference.

Shroom tech Energy & Endurance – I think this really does help with tougher workouts.

Creatine – I like their creatine supplement. It worked for me.

Total Gut Health – This really helps when you eat big meals or just need to reset your gut biome.

Onnit Mineral Electrolytes – This stuff tastes great and is good for rehydrating.

Vitamin D3 – I recommend the flavorless version. I think we all need Vitamin D3 since most of us spend our days indoors. Make sure to check with your doctor to see how many sprays you need a day.

Beta Alanine – This is another supplement that I think really helps with workouts.

Meal Prep Services

I’ve also tried a few meal prep services since I sometimes get tired of preparing my own food. I’m also not the greatest cook so my recipe knowledge is not that vast.

I’ve tried KetoFridge which was acquired by KetoFrozen. Ketofridge was an amazing service. They had such a large selection of meals for an affordable price. Unfortunately they were acquired by Ketofrozen. Ketofrozen has a very limited selection of meals, and I don’t think they are the greatest. The breakfast waffles and pancakes are good though. I would recommend ordering those a la carte if you can.

I’ve also tried green chef, but they don’t have options for keto.

Another meal preparation service that I tried was Ketonedbodies. There is a lot of variety with this company, but it is expensive and the food isn’t good.