Below is a list of my mentors for various aspects of my life.

GaryVee (Hustling | Side Hustles | Content Creation | Mindset)

If you are trying to do anything on your own that involves content creation, then you need to watch Garyvee on youtube and any other social media platforms.

Christie Marie Sheldon (Abundance)

Christie is my online mentor on abundance. If you want to learn about abundance, start researching anything about Christie Marie Sheldon. I like her more than most of the law of attraction stuff out there.

Moran Cerf (Mindset)

I first heard about him on the Tom Bilyeu podcast. He is researching the human brain and how it works. He said some amazing things that blew my mind. He’s shown how little control that we actually have over our brain.

Marissa Peer (Mindset)

Marissa is a great therapist who speaks about loving yourself. Believing that you can’t be loved is one of the biggest issues that unfulfilled and famous people famous. Do you feel loved? If not, then you need to reassess why that is and find out the scenarios where you can feel loved.

Naval Ravikant (Wealth)

Hosts the Naval Podcast where he discusses How to Be Rich. I would recommend this podcast to anyone trying to gain wealth. Naval speaks at a very high level but it is good for changing your mindset.

Kristy Shen (Financial Independence)

Kristy wrote the book – How To Quit Like A Millionaire. I recommend people read her book to learn how to achieve financial independence.

Scott Adams (Mindset | Career Advice )

Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. He has written many great self-help books about the human mind. I recommend checking his books out if you want a reasonable outlook on what it takes to become successful. You will also relate to Scott’s content if you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment.

Debbie Ford (Shadow Work)

Debbie has written great books about shadow work and divorce. I recommend checking them out to see how your shadow might be dragging you down.