If you are interested in personal finance at all, you have likely heard about Ramit Sethi. He has had his website about becoming rich for a while. He turned his blog posts into a book called I will teach you to be rich. I bought the latest version of the book after reading about the re-release.

I think it is an essential read for anyone at the beginning of their saving path. I don’t think it is the only personal finance book that you should read because Ramit is very snarky and cynical. He is very good for learning about saving and account specifics. He is not optimistic about your chances of success using your own brain. He believes that if you don’t automate something, then you will likely screw it up.

This book has 9 Chapters

  1. Optimize your credit cards
  2. Beat the banks
  3. get ready to invest
  4. conscious spending
  5. save while sleeping
  6. the myth of financial expertise
  7. Investing isn’t only for rich people
  8. how to maintain and grow your system
  9. a rich life

Some key things covered in this book:

Use schwab as your bank if you can because they have the least amount of fees. Fees are the enemy.

Automate your savings if you can.

Max out your 401(k) contribution.

There are no excuses as to why you can’t save money and earn more.

Ramit offers many scripts to lower your banking fees, credit cards fees and other expenses.

Ramit teaches you how to make more money from your job.